ServSafe Instructors and Proctors

ServSafe instructors and proctors are educational consultants who are certified to perform training and/or testing of the ServSafe curriculum. There are two separate certifications for instructors and proctors. Some instructors or proctors may be only one and not the other. But many of them are both.

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ServSafe Instructors

A certified ServSafe instructor is authorized by ServSafe to teach the ServSafe curriculum. An instructor is often times both a certified instructor and a proctor. That means they are authorized by ServSafe to complete the entire certification process. Some of them may teach the food safety curriculum, administer the exam, obtain the exam score, and direct the delivery of the certificate to the student.

ServSafe Proctors

A certified ServSafe proctor is authorized by ServSafe to administer ServSafe exams. But a proctor may or may not be certified to teach the curriculum. A proctors primary function is to administer a ServSafe exam to someone who has completed training elsewhere. Such examples are online courses, culinary school, self-study or experience.

Some ServSafe exams require a proctor to be present during testing and others do not. If you’re not sure, you can learn more about your certificate requirements by following these links:

ServSafe Manager | ServSafe Handler | ServSafe Alcohol | ServSafe Allergens

Directory of ServSafe Instructors & Proctors

This is a directory of ServSafe instructors and proctors in California, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. Unfortunately, these are the only states that we currently have information for. If you are a certified ServSafe instructor or proctor and would like to be included in our directory, please contact us at [email protected]

Directory of Instructor/Proctors in:
California | Florida | Texas | Georgia

ServSafe Instructor Directory

Instructors have different backgrounds and teach classes in a variety of different settings. Here are some examples:

  • The National Restaurant Association (NRA) in your state.
  • The Health Department in your state.
  • Some public or private colleges and universities.
  • As an independent consultant.

The NRA in your state may provide testing and even hold regular ServSafe classes. The classes are held in designated training centers selected by ServSafe. Check your states NRA website for a schedule of classes and testing.

The Health Department in your state or county may provide ServSafe training and examinations. This would result in a ServSafe certification. Check your state’s Department of Health website for a schedule of classes and testing. Their website may also provide the state’s certification requirements.

Some colleges and universities may offer food safety training for some specialized fields such as health & nutrition, a dietitian, an inspector or in hospitality management because it may be a requirement for that course. It may also be available as an elective. Many culinary or hospitality schools will also offer ServSafe training and testing.

There are also independent consultants who specialize in ServSafe training and testing. They usually hold their classes in hotel conference rooms, function centers, a restaurant during an off day, or even have their own private classroom. Your local health department may have a listing for private classes. Some ServSafe instructors may have their own website where you can view a class schedule and register for their class.

ServSafe Proctor Directory

Most exam proctors do not have a private office. Many of them work in restaurants as chefs or managers and proctor exams on the side. Some proctors may work in an academic setting such as a college or university and proctor exams on the side as well. And there are also entrepreneurs who have made a business out of educating, testing and certifying people in food safety. Regardless of their background, a proctor will usually meet with you in a public place like a library, coffee shop or your workplace to administer the exam.

Proctor fees and services vary greatly and are set by the proctor. Some will travel to you for an additional charge. It is advisable to find a proctor in your city, as travel fees can be expensive. Some will provide a review of food safety before the test, others may not. Many offer a reduced rate for groups.

Be sure to tell your proctor if you already have the exam. If you do not have the exam, the proctor will probably be able to obtain one for you. ServSafe manager exams cost about $36 for the online version and $38 for the paper version. Some proctors may not be equipped to administer the online exam. The proctor fee is additional to the exam and is different for each proctor.

Click on your state and you will be brought to a list of instructors and proctors. Choose one based on your location and language requirements. Then tap on their name and complete the simple form. That instructor/proctor should then get back to you shortly.

Directory of Instructor/Proctors in:
California | Florida | Texas | Georgia